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Let’s face it, getting it right with a home theater installation requires professional assistance. If you are looking for a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your Somerville, NJ home, On-Site Security, LLC will design and install your dreamed home theater tailored to your desires. With 14 years of experience, our company prides itself on providing an unmatched level of service every step of the way. We have the right and affordable solution for your property. Contact us today for more information!

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We can provide complete control of the entertainment system on your property. Our highly trained team covers a wide range of video, audio, and other security services. Our expert team installation service includes:

  • TV mounting
  • Wire concealment
  • Equipment setup
  • Network setup

Are you looking for customized security services for your residential and commercial locations? We can assist you with everything related to securing your properties. Contact one of our security advisors today.

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Ensure reliable installation of all your home systems allowing the most qualified specialists to work with you. We proudly assist our local Somerville, NJ residents. Call (908) 448-0452 and request an estimate today.

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Thank you for choosing On-Site Security LLC. We offer various electronics installation services for residential homes and commercial buildings. Get a personalized solution for security, access control, entertainment, smart devices, etc. Call today for a free cost estimate or fill out the contact form.