Residential Services

  • Do home security systems really deter crime?

Yes. A combination of security cameras, motion detectors, and a properly positioned sign are the best ways to deter crime.

  • Can installing a home security system decrease my homeowner’s insurance?

Yes, it most certainly can. After installation of a security system, call your insurance company and inform them that On-Site Security secured your property and we will provide a certificate of alarm monitoring.

  • What should I look for in a security system?

Number 1 is to find a qualified and trusted company for the installation. Criminals look for mistakes that a consumer may commit to take advantage of. The team at On-Site Security is up to date on all the latest tricks and training to secure your peace of mind and your loved ones.

  • Are there special room requirements for home theater installations or can you transform any room?

The On-Site Security team is trained by top Audio companies every year to help transform any room into your dream theater room. We partner with specialized contractors to build and bring the big screen to your home.

  • How do you know when a TV can be fixed and when it needs to be replaced?

A TV can be repaired most of the time. However, it is not usually a cost-effective method. Rule of Thumb, if your TV is older than 3 years, replace it. If your TV cost less than $1,000 replace it.

  • Do I need to have a certain type of TV in order for it to be mounted?

Any flat panel TV can be mounted using the proper tools, hardware, and equipment.

  • Will my outdoor wiring be weatherproof?

On-Site Security specializes in outdoor audio and video installations. We only use weatherproof and crushproof cabling to prevent corrosion and broken connections.

  • Is it expensive to install smart home features?

Depending on the features, it is no more expensive than a tv mounting installation.

  • How reliable are smart home systems?

Smart homes are now powered by google, apple, amazon to name a few. They are as dependable as they come.

  • What are the benefits of smart home features?

The ability to control your home from the tip of your fingers or your voice is priceless. Lights, thermostats, shades, and much more can all be controlled remotely.

  • How do I know when I need a new fire safety system?

Smoke detectors should be changed every 10 years max. CO detectors every 5 years. The system should abide by up-to-date fire codes on the local and national levels.

  • What are the optimal locations for detectors?

CO detectors should be placed in all sleeping areas, the basement, and areas of rest. A smoke detector on each floor and a heat detector in the kitchen.

  • Can I call you to fix any issues I have with my wireless internet connection after you install it?

Yes. On-Site Security guarantees all of our installations 100%.

Commercial Services

  • Are the access control systems reliable?

Yes. On-Site Security has partnered with some of the world leaders in access control such as Hartmann Controls, Brivo, & Kisi to ensure their customers the most reliable access systems on the market.

  • Will the access control system fail if I lose power?

No, it will on. In some scenarios, our access control systems are backed up by multiple batteries than can last weeks.

  • Is it difficult to grant someone new access?

No. From start to finish, maybe 60 seconds.

  • What is the difference between a home security system and a commercial security system?

Residential security systems have different focal points, tend to include many motion sensors and window/door contacts. Commercial security systems tend to require locks and alarms if someone attempts or does access a restricted area.

  • How do I know which security camera to use?

One with a good warranty, and one to fit your needs. Make sure to purchase an outdoor weatherproof camera if looking to protect outdoor areas or areas that get very cold like a garage.

  • Can I get access to my video cameras on my phone?

Absolutely. All of the cameras provided by On-Site Security can be accessed remotely from any mobile device.

  • What is network cabling and when do I need it?

Network cabling is important in transferring any data to the internet. We recommend a “hard wired” connection for any important data transfers such as work computers, video, cameras, security, and smart home access.

  • How do I know if my business needs a commercial fire alarm system?

All commercial buildings require a fire alarm system. Some may be grandfathered into local codes but it is recommended to protect yourself and your employees/patrons to invest in one immediately. Your business insurance costs will thank you.

  • What are the advantages of a commercial fire system?

Commercial fire systems are monitored 24 hours a day and are required to be annually inspected. In addition, there are system tests that are run sporadically throughout the day.

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